It’s All About Love For Issue 8

8 June 2015

“There is something that happens in the moment a photograph is taken that can’t be explained to the person viewing the final image. It’s a feeling, a flash second occurrence, a meeting of minds that come together to create something new and beautiful.”

Passions dance through our minds, burning laziness with the active fire of creation. Genius in the soul. Spark in the eye. Element of uncertainty. Our passions make us, but also break us; forever wanting to want more and to go higher than anyone else. It is the thing that keeps us up at night and it is the thing that chases us out of bed in the morning. It’s a perfect contradiction of creative peace with uncomfortable dissatisfaction.

Within the story of Issue 8, Oliva Rose shoots what is close to her heart. A documentary feature allows the photographer to capture moments of reality, following no guide or plan as to what they are going to find; enter the world with just their camera, open mind and trusted passion. Embarking on a search to find ‘The Lost Boys’, Oliva explores the derelict areas of Bermuda. The monochromatic series warmly welcomes feelings of nostalgia towards our troubled youth. When we wanted to run away from home and create chaos, to run away and become lost.

Within the issue, her images frame a piece of creative writing that entrances the reader into the expressive relationship between photographer, model and camera. Her passionate words delicately flow around the series, reminding you that the photographers work goes beyond their click of camera. It is their thoughts. It is their truth. It is their love. It is their being.

“For the photographer is the composer, she frames her passions and seals them with the kiss of the shutter release. A moment stopped in time.”

Issue 8, “The Trouble With Boys” is available to buy online and in stores now.

Photography and Words OLIVIA ROSE

Introduction by Tim Sprague.

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