Issue 8 Contribution

13 December 2014
When the time comes to release a new issue, we find ourselves full of excitement, our fingers alive with creativity, and our minds a whirlwind of ideas. What we put on our pages is not only beautiful, but it bears heart and soul, as well as having an underlying purpose of capturing the young contemporary male.

For Issue 7 'Obsessions' (which is out now in shops or via our website here), we brought together 7 female photographers to create 'Boys in Pyjamas', following on from 'Boys In Bedrooms' at the heart of Issue 6. With timeless photographs from the likes of Amber Grace Dixon, Sophie Mayanne and Sam Copeland, we have pulled a new idea from the depths of our creative brains as a challenge to all female photographers: Boys At School.

This time in our submission feature we want to delve a little deeper into documenting the world of boys. We want to celebrate goody two shoes boy, the rebellious boys smoking around the corner, running in the hallways and daydreaming at school desks. With 10 pages dedicated to the feature, we are looking for a series of photographs that document boys at school. (We've created a moodboard of inspiration and images we love below). Staying true to BBG, each selected shot will be taken by a female photographer, who will be designated one page inside Issue 8 for their image. Scroll down for rules and info.
Here are the rules:
  • You need to be a female photographer
  • It needs to be photographed in the boys' own school
  • School, Colleges and Sixth Form are accepted
  • The boy doesn't have to be a model, but can be
  • Your contribution can include 1 boy, or multiple boys
  • It must be unstyled and in the boy’s own school uniform (if applicable)
  • Send us minimum a series of three portrait options (not landscape) including a close up, a medium close up, and a wider shot including some of the school environment (more options are great)
  • All images from the setting needs to be completely exclusive and not put up anywhere online until they have been published in the magazine. You can send us as many options as you want.
  • It should have a natural look
  • All images need to be in colour
  • It can be shot in any country or city
  • Include all credits when sending your submission
  • Include the following bits about the boy: name, age, school, city and country he was photographed in, his favourites things and his passions
  • If you want us to feature a follow up longer series as part of our digital promotion for your image (if you are selected), feel free to send us a full documentary series with lots of options
Email all submissions to with the subject “Boys at School” by Friday 30th January 2015.
BBG8_Boyat School_Moodboard_Contribution
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