Boys Of New York For Issue 7

26 November 2014

Look at a map of the world, and place your finger on a place where you can speak to people from a range of different countries, get a slice of pizza for a dollar, witness an arrest on the same street as a reunion, all at 3 am within half of a mile. If you're not pointing at New York City, you’re wrong.

It has remained the true mecca for the creative hustle. In order to survive and thrive in New York you must be both, as nothing waits in New York, not for you. By the time you have slowed down, someone has taken your seat, and knowing rush hour it’s unlikely for one to free up before the end of the line.

Our 7th issue of Boys By Girls features the beautifully multi talented ‘Boys of New York’ each hailing from different boroughs and backgrounds, translating the fast paced hustling mentality unto each of their art forms.

Photographed by Georgie Wileman, we learn that Barrington is a fiery musician using lyrics as a form of constant self expression. Hudson, a graphic designer chooses to use the mediums of lettering, colours and space to compose and deliver his creativity. Javen, a photographer; tells stories with his images, using them as a tableau of the feelings he wants to express to the world. And there is more within the 12 page story in our new print issue.

For a full insight into the world of these New York Boys, grab a copy of Issue 7, "Obsessions" here.

Photography Assistant NANCY SELINE NQ

Words By Shannei Rae Brown.

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