Issue 7 Contribution

15 July 2014

When the time comes to release a new issue, we are always filled with a range of emotions; excitement, pride, anticipation, fear and joy all at the same time. It's like knowing that Santa brought you presents, but not having been able to open them yet. This is a good feeling.

For Issue 6 ‘The Truth About Boys’, which by the way is still available to buy in shops and via online order, we had that same feeling of not really knowing what the feedback would be. Launching our new feature ‘Boys in Bedrooms’ in Issue 6 gave our creative readers the opportunity contribute their work to the issue, shooting and capturing the intimate beauty of a boy at home. With timeless takes from the likes of Sigrid Bjorbekkmo, Amber Grace Dixon and Paola Vivas, the result was a ten-page story of effortless bedroom beauty. Following on from the issue, this inspired our first photographic Exhibition "Boys At Home". We have a thing going on that we want to continue to explore and capture.

Continuing on from this issue 7 will also include a submission feature. This time round the story delves a little deeper, homing in on the boy in his pyjamas. With another 10-page spread dedicated to the feature, we are looking for a series of nine photographs, documenting boys in their pyjamas at home. Staying true the BBG core, each selected shot will be taken by a female photographer, whom of which will be designated one page in Issue 7 for their selected image. Scroll down for rules and info.

Here are the rules:

  • You need to be a female photographer
  • It needs to be photographed in the boys' own home
  • The boy doesn't have to be a model, but can be
  • It must be unstyled and in the boy’s own pyjamas
  • Send us a series of three portrait options (not landscape) including a close up, a medium close up, and a wider shot including some of the boys’ raw environment.
  • All images from the setting needs to be completely exclusive and not put up anywhere online until they have been published in the magazine. You can send us as many options as you want.
  • It should have a natural look.
  • Provide images in both color and black & white
  • It can be shot in any country or city
  • Include all credits when sending your submission
  • Include the following bits about the boy: name, age, city and country he was photographed in, his favourites things and his passions
  • Email all submissions to with the subject “Boys in Pyjamas” by Tuesday 5th August 2014.

To get you on your way and give you a little inspiration, we've selected a few favorites to give you an idea of the vibe. Good Luck!

Words by Fenn O'Meally.

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