Issue 10 Illustration Collection

25 May 2016
Issue 10 welcomes London based, Japanese illustrator Yoko Tanaka and a triptych of exclusive art pieces perfectly scattered around the print issue. Her interpretation of the issue's 'Muse' theme is unique and powerful. The even better news - all three pieces are available for you to purchase in a series of Limited Edition prints!

"Some may argue that nowadays muses are hard to find, perhaps it is simply our traditional views that are changing. The once intense relationship between artist and muse is no longer part of our common vocabulary, and the role of the contemporary muse has become more of an equal partnership or exists as public figures universally available. A world of celebrities have become muses of the masses, and instead of inspiring the creation of art, they allow us to daydream. Of course, daydreams are where art begins... Sometimes our muses is around the most unexpected corners, allowing us to see things in new ways and fulfil visions we didn’t know we had." - Cecilie Harris, Editors Letter
Our tenth anniversary issue challenges our readers to think of muses in a more modern way. You may find your muse in someone unexpected, someone not as perfect as the world demands. It’s all about perspective; seeing things differently based on past experiences and memories. Imperfections and flaws are unique, and should be celebrated. Yoko Tanaka's interpretations creates a new world of unperfect, darker creatures, enabling you to see the male muse in new ways, and leaves an open questionmark who around us might have fountains of inspirations to be imprinted on us.
Accompanied by new poetry work by talented spoken word poet, Kojey Radical is a perfect match to the illustrations, and allows you to dwell on the pages for a while.
"If these were my last words, I’d tell you nothing
The silence sounds better to me.
Sweet silent thoughts,
it’s been a while since we’ve been at peace.
Your arms still feel like heaven to me.
These are my lonely hours"

The three art pieces by Yoko are beautifully presented in print issue 'Muse'. For those who feel the need to have them more prominant in their lives as constant inspiration and a reminder that perfection isn't always what we should aim for, we have made all the illustrations available to buy via the BBG Shop. Also make sure to get your print issue to see Kojey Radical's trilogy of accompanying poetry, as well as enjoy the rest of the issue.

Each illustration will be printed on German Etching 310 GSM Giclee paper, and all three illustrations are available in limited editions of 100 prints. These artworks will be available in A4 size, and be at a nice and affordable price of £34 (plus VAT and shipping). These will be signed and numbered by the artist. Optional black framing will allow you to bring the masterpieces to life on any wall they adorn.

To satisfy your hunger for beauty and cool things in your life, make sure to get yourself one of these unique pieces of art by browsing the Boys by Girls "Yoko Tanaka" Illustration Collection.

Words by Cecilie Harris.

Illustrations Issue10
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