Isaac’s New Brand Mercy & Wild

22 June 2012

When we heard that Isaac Carew (Nevs Models) had started his own brand Mercy & Wild, we had to get him in to talk to us more about it. Mercy & Wild mixes fashion and charity. Their vision is to create timeless garments, and to support different charities through different season. It sounds like a perfect match!

We were particularly pleased when Isaac turned up with fancy Mercy & Wild gifts to Boys by Girls, and will wear our fancy t-shirt with pride. We shall be sure to randomly include in our editorial work.

Each season, their 5-piece t-shirt collectionn is themed around a different charitable cause. For each t-shirt sold, 25% of the sale will go to our chosen charity. Proceeds from their first season goes to Dyslexia Action, as the brand wants to support children with dyslexia making sure they get the help they need. This cause is particularly close to Isaac's heart. To find out more, make sure to read the interview below.

With a growing admiration for the already wonderful Isaac (and not just because he made us feel fashionable and charitable all at the same time), we are very excited to feature his new brand. Make sure to check out the Mercy & Wild website for more information and to get yourself one of their t-shirts!

How did you come up with this cool idea for your new brand Mercy & Wild?
We were originally just going to do one t-shirt with our design "I put the sexy in dyslexia" and give all the money to charity, but then the idea expanded from there once we started talking about it and realised we could make it into something even more exciting and impactful.

Talk us through some of your different design
We have six different designs at the moment all by different illustrators. One design is our Mercy & Wild brand design and the others are for our first charity. For our first season we wanted to support kids with dyslexia, as I am dyslexic, so it's a cause very close to my heart. Each season we will be changing charities.

Our "What?" is a school chalk board with lots of calculations. I don't even know if these calculations are real! haha Another design is a guy merry-go-round. When I used to read I used to get really dizzy and I still get dizzy when I read, so this design took inspiration from that. We also have this one which is a mirror image of each letter, and says that 5-10% of the population is dyslexic.

Wow, that's interesting, didn't realise it was quite a high number.
Yes, there are quite a few people that are dyslexic, so it's great to be able to be involved in something like this and do my thing to support.

Why don't you tell us a bit of your own story and why you wanted to do something like this in the first place?
When I was growing up I wasn't helped by a charity I was helped at a women at my school, who made such a difference for me. She was just incredible. She dedicated a big amount of her time to help me and a few other kids at school, and it really helped me and made me feel more confident about my reading. She made a real impact in my life. So I wanted to be able to make a difference in someone's life who is going through what I did. Also doing modelling, it's fun to be on the other side of it having your own brand to be passionate about. It's a new challenge, which I really love in addition to my usual modelling work.

So tell us a bit more about your brand and what you are doing with it
So basically, we are a fashion brand that gives money to charity. So for this first cause where proceeds go to Dyslexia Action, we want to support children with dyslexia making sure they get the help they need. We want to get involved, and see it go to a school and how it's helping kids - we'd love to go to some workshops and work with the kids and seeing how we're making an impact.

That's amazing! What are you next plans?
We want to keep growing the brand so we can make as much impact as possible. We're very viral at the moment, and our sales are going really well. I'm not sure quite how, but we've already got sales in Japan, Australia, America and other countries in addition to the UK, which is great. So we're looking to expand it as much as we can, and see where it takes us. At the moment our main sales point is our website Next season we will be doing another charity, so we've started planning that already.

Where can people buy your t-shirts?
They can buy them via our website

And how can people get involved in general?
They can Tweet us via @mercyandwild, read our blog on our website and talk to us on our Facebook site. We'd love to hear what people think and any feedback they get when wearing our t-shirts.

We are very impressed and we love the brand and the t-shirts, so you have our support! We shall be wearing our lovely t-shirt you gave us very proudly, and are so excited to see how it goes.

Images and interview by Cecilie Harris.

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