Impossible x Skateistan

12 August 2015

Having creative outlets is key to internal happiness, no matter your situation or where in the world you live. Being able to grow physically and as a person, through academia or emotional depth, is something that creative outlets nurture. They give kids a sense of purpose, passion and hope.

Skateistan is a charity that aims to educate young children around the world through sport. Learning through creativity, expressing oneself and growing both mentally and physically through skating is something that Skatiestan, Impossible and Boys by Girls feel passionate about. In support of this, Impossible have just announced their next collaboration with Skateistan, a non-profit organization aiming to change the lives of young boys and girls through skateboarding around the world. The pair have come up with a brand new film influenced by Afghan prints from which a percentage of profits will go to the charity.

To celebrate the release, photographer Amber Grace Dixon has captured Noah at Models1 and his skaterfriends using the Skateistan x Impossible film to mark the wonderful venture. Just like the kids Skateistan help around the world, youth in the UK are similarly reliant to creative outlets like skating or photography to help turn their world around. Skating in the UK allows young adults to let of some steam and express themselves, so check out the below feature as we grow our instant analogue obsession by trying out this new Impossible film.

Words by India Opie Meres.

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