Imaginary Memories

21 March 2016
Eyes closed and dark lashes settling, the sunlight glistens on your face. A gentle smile curls the corners of your mouth and your mind wanders back to silent dreams of the night before; memories of things that have never happened. Trying to remember is impossible; without limits there is no sense. As you become aware of the infinitude of your possibilities, you realise that you can be anything in your imaginary world. If anything is possible, then this can become your reality. Eyes closed, you fade into your daydreams and escape into your own reality.
"As I’ve gotten older drama has become a form of escapism to me. I like the idea that you can become this completely different person and immerse yourself into their role."
Growing up, sixteen year old actor Hayden Kemp-Robertson learnt to embrace his creativity. Being surrounded by the countryside, there was a lot of space for making up his own games. From running in the fields that surrounded his home, to climbing trees, catching dust in the air and being fascinated by dinosaurs, there were no limits to his imagination. Photographer Saskia Pfeiffer takes you into his world, as she visits Hayden outsite the rush of London. Her work hovers between documenting and creating a story in communicating the model’s personality. Always with a dreamy touch to her pictures, she works with subtle colours and gentle light to set the mood for the image experience, inviting you to escape your own reality.

Words by Saskia Pfeiffer.

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