Illustrations in “Lessons”

20 December 2013

We hope you have been enjoying our latest issue "Lessons", but for those who haven't got their hands on one yet we wanted to give you another cool reason to pick up your own copy. Loving all types of art, we searched to bring a different kind of beauty that would add to the captivating stories and beautiful imagery, so for our fifth issue we invited two illustrators to give their interpretation of male youth. Each illustrator brought two beautiful pieces of work each to the issue, adding a fitting dash of art that rounds out the issue in such a beautiful way.

In addition, we also have the talented works of model Felix Feltham! Being a featured model, and very talented artist, we are happy to include the self-portrait illustrations from Felix Feltham. You can see and read more of Felix, in our previous post here.

We brought in Sandrine Pagnoux, known for her impactful drawings and mixed media work, and Husam El Odeh at The Book Agency, who's work can be described as focused and beautully simple. These artists are adding another reason to why this issue is so special. We give you a little teaser below, and you can see the rest of the illustrations in "Lessons". Be sure to find your copy here.

Sandrine Pagnoux Illustrations

Her multi-media work is what really made us fall in love with Sandrine, and we sent her two images shot by Cecilie Harris to work her magic on. Below you will see one of her two illustrations in the issue, based on an image of the pleasant Jasper Harvey at Elite Models London. Cecilie chose this image for Sandrine, because it highlights Jaspers vulnerability, which is one of the reasons that makes him so striking and beautiful. We also challenge you to find the beautiful quote in this artwork.

Husam El Odeh Illustrations

Using simplistic lines and pastel colors, your full attention is on the main subjects movement and body position, in the work of Husam El Odeh. Husam creates an undistracted environment by elimating background or unnecessary elements. The images he creates are timeless, and a great addition to this issue. In his images for "Lessons" Husam wanted to portray friendship between two mates, just hanging around and chilling. This couldn't be a more perfect fit for the BBG style of showing natural beauty, and letting our viewers remember the simple things in life.

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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