29 April 2015

In every day clutter, whether it be physically or mentally - our minds have the ability to find a hidden beauty illustrated in our thoughts. This series invites you to take a deep breathe inwards, relax and let the calmness of these beautiful unsaturated shots settle in your minds.

Photographer Virginie Khateeb is always one to capture and search for a deeper beauty. Taking to a more disarranged location, she works with 16Men’s Kohy to produce some thought provoking, and calmly beautiful imagery. Using white walls as negative space and a blank canvas she is able to capture several splendours within these portraits. Virginie draws from the lines scattered across Kohy's chest as inspiration for this series, his fluid movements and varying angles integral to the dynamics of the series.

Kohy moulds himself into his surrounding environment using objects around him to enhance the focus on his encaptivating expressions. Like fine elements of an illustrated image, Kohy brings intricate details physically unconfined by the camera lens. As we watch Kohy gaze from a windows and casually breeze from frame to frame, we too, want to be illustrated.

Words by Rachel Abebrese.

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