How To Do The Perfect Casting

20 October 2016
Ah, castings... Navigating the doorways of an unfamiliar city (possibly at an age when your mum still does your washing) can prove to be tricky. Despite popular belief, it isn’t just about the great bone structure - it’s about personality, perseverance, blistered feet and knowing how to quickly get around in the city. Sharing some of this world that we as a magazine experience daily, as we send off boys to their next castings with a "good luck, hope you get to the next one on time", we’re back with another serving of our vaguely helpful BBG Video Diaries series. For this next instalment of our video series, Fenn O’Meally gets under the skin of what makes Boys by Girls castings a little bit different from the rest.
All it takes is that one special connection between client and model. The problem is that it can take hours and hundreds of faces to find that explosive instant when a vision becomes something tangible. It’s a bundle of magic encapsulated in a 6 foot 2 living canvas.
Sure, we’re all about an angelic and stunning face, but that alone doesn’t cut it. Boys by Girls approach castings a little bit differently; we’re the comforting name on a long list of offices for many boys, offering friendly faces, a comfy sofa, possibly a cup of tea, a way too curious cat and a good old chat. Killer cheekbones will always be heart-flutter inducing, but what defines you? We think it sits deeper within. The poetry of the human mind and each boy's vision, is something we always seek.

Producing, Editing and Interviews by Fenn O'Meally.
Camera by Mima Bartholomew.

Alistair at SUPA Model Management
Harry at Established Models
Jaydon at Established Models
Malachi at Elite Model Management
Rowan at Established Models

Words by Matthew Regan.

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