How To Be Tall

4 August 2016
What’s the view like up there? Whether you are a model or not, being tall has both it's challenges and benefits. Fenn O’Meally has some vaguely useful tips on the topic.
The air that bit sweeter, limbs that bit longer and strides that bit further apart, we do not often sympathize with our leggy-limbed counterparts. However, they do have struggles - we are yet to be fully convinced. So this brand new BBG Video Diaries film, is for all your tall guys out there. Choose your path wisely; the world out there is big, but not quite big enough. One must learn to own it, work with it and best of all, relish it.
They say being the only skyscraper on the horizon can get a bit lonely, so let's turn to the holy grail of all things semi-important in the world to teach us all the ways of nailing those awkward tall moments. Fenn, along with cameragirl Mima Bartholomew and Colin Greenall (I Love Models Management), is back with the next instalment of the BBG Video Diaries for you.

Film presented by Fenn O'Meally.
Camera by Mima Bartholomew.
Tall boy Colin Greenall.
Words by Charli Poster.

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