Hidden Secrets

9 December 2015

The eyes that follow you through each frame, the tousled bed head soft enough to sleep on, don’t you just want to touch it? He’s got our senses and presence hooked while we’re following him on his ventures. He saunters along solo through estates with a cigarette delicately placed between his fingertips, as he releases the light translucent smoke that drifts across his face. There’s a whisper of tranquillity as you begin to let your mind wander upon the concealment of Michaels expressions. What is he thinking, what is he feeling and where is he going?

Photographer, Jasmin Storch, photographs Michael Algeborg at Nisch Management in Stockholm, in these soft saturations of black and white. Michael is captured in moments of calm and ease with features that will forever be taking us back to the golden memories of summer.

Stylist, Lars-Fredrik Svedberg, dresses Michael in head to toe BYTHENO SS16, emphasising basic pieces with baggier silhouettes. The black and white colour palette and loose fit garments complete the natural vibes of this portrait series. Hair and makeup by Linda Sundqvist leave Michael simply fluffed and flawless.

Let your eyes remain fixated as you're left captivated by his stare, attempting to discover the hidden secrets behind Michael.


Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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