Hidden Places

2 September 2016

Escape into another world to find blissfulness. Discover the undiscovered. Allow the atmosphere to fill with a suffocating stillness and follow the luminous light. While tracing the unfamiliar patterns glistening on the ground, you wonder; 'doesn’t the world look prettier in the sun?' As you dance with the partial sunrays and catch the glittering speckles, your shadow friend copies your every move.

Discover the diffused reflectance found within your surroundings. Close your eyes as the warmth soothes your limbs and your breathing transcends into a hypnotic lullaby. Disappearing into the incandescent light, photographer Bambi Christa combines deep contrasts and artistic silhouettes to create delicate images of Martin Kohy at Independent Models Milano and Max Alba at Supermoda Management. They are guided through each frame through effortless movements and their poker-faced expressions are veiled behind tousled locks. Side by side they stand, like two strangers in a crowded subway.

Drowning out thoughts and sounds into a melting pot of darkness, muted patterns of black and white, stylist Martin Tichy dresses the boys in lazy streetwear, as they search for the perfect hiding place to stretch out in the evening light. Felines reclining in the sunset.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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