Heritage For Issue 7

5 January 2015

We are so often fascinated with people who come from a mixture of backgrounds, we feel it adds an air of mystery to the person; you want to find out more about the mystery of how such a beautiful person came into existance. For this feature inside Issue 7, photographer Barbara Anastacio focuses on 8 beautiful boys and celebrates their exotic combinations of heritages and backgrounds. We give you a little preview, but there is so much more beauty in the full story in print.

Dorian Cobb (DNA models) is a mixture of Puerto Rican, Cherokee Indian, Blackfoot and Italian and as his footprints mark the sand we are left wondering the story behind his family; how, since the 16th century, one of the most socially and culturally advanced of the Native American tribes crossed paths with a handsome Italian man and started a family. The romanticizing of travelling the world and finding the love of your life is not only an exciting thought, it is personified in the 8 boys gracing Barbara and Seymours editorial.

The brisk cold air of the beach brushes past the delicate bone structures of our 8 boys as the photos begin. Seymour Glass styles the boys in brands such as Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, and Rag & Bone, showcasing a beautiful array of winter jackets, jumpers and all things warm. Perfect for a brisk day at the beach.

See how the world is becoming a smaller place, how everything is mixing up and a new genre of stunning ethnicities are being created. Celebrate vast heritages with us and buy Issue 7 here.

Grooming Assistant ANTHONY DEL TUFO
Styling Assistants HARRY KIM and KARINA SHARIF
Models LOUIS (DNA Models), DAJE (DNA Models), EUGON (Q Models), Dorian (DNA Models)

Words by Molly Baker.

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