Harry Uncut

25 April 2014

‘I try to remember the good things people say to me on shoots, but then I just act like a weirdo in front of the camera and that seems to be alright.’

Harry Curran (Amck Models) is a dream boy; a dream boy with angelic soft features and a body that (though he may not think so himself) can move in the most magical way. He was the first boy Cecilie Harris photographed for our latest issue "The Truth About Boys", where we are discovering the truth and beauty behind all these breathtaking boys. So it made sense to capture Harry somewhere he felt most true to himself, and a home environment seemed like the perfect fit. On a crisp (and lets face it, cold) December’s day, we managed to transform the world around Harry to look like a moment taken right out of the middle of the springtime with styling from Alexander Harvey and grooming by Renelle Chapman.

"It is always interesting to see how you get to an end result; I often find the things that can excite me most are the things you don’t see and the little moments that once flew past you. The photographs you once rejected in a new light can sometimes seem the most beautiful." Cleo Glover captured those ‘in between moments’ throughout the day of Cecilie's editorial, to show our take on Harry from a different perspective. Cleo shot the photographs on film to help emphasize the stripped back feeling of being behind the scenes of a shoot. Sometimes its easy to forget all the elements that bring a shoot together, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to step behind the scenes with Harry, uncut.

Harry has an endearingly shy quality; even though he has been modeling for two years now. He still hides behind his mass of hair and hands rolled up in his jumper with a little smirk on his face. ‘I still can’t believe it sometimes that I do this’ he says in between outfit changes. But that angst shone through in the photographs, with the styling by Alexander Harvey reflecting Harry’s personality flawlessly creating a dreamy, lazy day in the home atmosphere. And that smile kept coming back, when we got up onto the roof and Harry looked down at his knees to find they had gone a somewhat pretty shade of lilac, ‘my knees have gone purplely! Good luck smoothing that out in the retouching!'

We know that Harry is not just any model, he is also a model that can draw the most beautiful things. We got a glimpse of his work when he popped by the office for our Boys by Girls advent calendar. Wanted to see more, we has asked Harry to bring along some of his artwork. ‘I’m not even sure what that one is supposed to be’ he said about one of his drawings as he shyly laid them out across the bed as the team gathered around causing Harry to once again get that little bashful smile across his face.

The day could not have really gone any better, with the winter light fading around us the shoot came to a perfect close, a final cup of tea as we packed up and then it was hugs all round with the excitement of seeing the final outcome.

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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