Graeme Metz For Issue 6

1 May 2014

There is something magical about Graeme Metz at Premier Models, something so special about the way he moves. An inspiring model to work with and a dancer since he was seven years old, it’s these abilities that brings another aspect to his modelling that is so exciting to work with.

We bring you a taste of the 8-page editorial for the sixth Boys by Girls issue “The Truth About Boys” featuring Graeme. In this editorial it was all about model – photographer teamwork. Graeme was in London for only a short period so we took our chance and snapped him up for the issue 6 editorial (while he wasn’t smelling the English roses in our parks), and he did us proud creating a truly beautiful story through his movements and mood creating expressions alone.

Cecilie Harris and Graeme created their own tropical paradise in London in a garden in addition to Harris capturing the raw beauty of Graeme against the stripped back home environment. Everything was left beautifully uncomplicated and effortless. Stylist Karen Munnis also left things classically simple in American Apparel, ASOS, Calvin Klein and Rokit, not to detract from the poetic movements of Graeme.

Graeme's passions lie in art as well as dance, stating his ultimate dream would be a vision of a mansion where he could collect all the art he ever wanted, “all the pets and the people closest to me can come live in my beautiful wonderland of a perfect home. It will be all really immaculately designed and beautiful.” While his mother describes Graeme as messy, perhaps a word we would use to describe Graeme is true. Graeme has a purity and refreshingly raw honesty about him. Describing himself as independent, he further explains he doesn’t depend on companionship.

For more beautiful photography and Graeme’s full editorial, issue 6 "The Truth About Boys” is out in shops now as well as available to order online.

Photography Assistant ANNIE OUNSTEAD
Styling Assistant SARAH AKINOLA
Model GRAEME (Premier Models)

Words by Rosie Williams.

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