Graduate: Annie Ounstead

22 August 2014

Every year we check out some of the photography talent that graduate and see what makes us feel all good inside. This year one or our previous interns Annie Ounstead exhibited her work as part of the 'The Collective 2014 exhibition', which took place at Hoxton Arches on the 27th of June.

Her exhibit was an impressive eclectic mix of beautiful photography. Annie's photography series, 'To Be Young', revolves around the idea of coming to terms with growing up, an all familiar BBG theme. She documents a group of young people from a range of ages, how they felt at this time in their youth and how they have adjusted to leaving it. Through her Boys by Girls internship Annie was drawn to the idea of youth. Inspired by Issue 4 'A place called youth', which explored the concept surrounding obsession with youth, and the idea that once you have recognised that you are no longer in that place, can you ever return to it.

The combination of her photo sets alongside a personal text of the subjects feelings, creates a very personal reflection of the individual behind the photograph. There is a distant dreamlike quality in many of the photographs, which perhaps suggest the individuals thoughts towards their future and nostalgia towards the past. Annie's approach towards her work is natural and free, the playful angles and candid style creates an alluring depth to these beautiful images. The landscapes in which Annie has shot the project are both beautiful and bleak, which almost reflects the limbo these young people feel they're in.

We are so proud of Annie happy to have been able to inspire such a beautiful collection of work. The series we share below is the focus on George, her little brother. Her closeness to her subject adds that extra little bit of intimacy, which makes these images even more interesting. Enjoy, and all the best Annie!

Words by Lottie Turner.

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