Glitter In The Dirt

26 February 2016
You're going out tonight. The weekend is about to start and you've got that 'Friday feeling.' You've surpassed hump day, mugged off your boss behind their back, had a cheeky lunch date, and endured the daily morning grind on the way to work that week. Congratulations.
You're going out tonight. Although, it's not a club where the snobs from Knightsbridge or Kensington spend a fortune on designer dresses, seeking out sugar daddy potential. It's not a cheap student night either, where underage girls have weak livers, swaying from side to side in their New Look heels and too short, poor quality bodycon dresses. This is the night where you rise above it all by filling the air with style and finesse.
After appearing in Issue 7 with his "Heartthrob" story, John Meadows (SUPA Model Management) turns it up a notch and transforms into a South London raver. Styled by Lucy Alexandra Hamilton in old school sport brands like Ellese, vintage Adidas and Umbro, tactical, sweat and beer proof springs to mind. The infamous raver's bucket hats are aplenty in this shoot. Stylishly street and practicality galore, the drizzly rain we're all so used to is no longer a bother. Bucket hats off to her. A boyish grin matched with the model's glare, photographer Amber Grace Dixon captures him skanking out in the car park, as well as looking sheepishly off guard.
You're out tonight. Heavy drum and bass ignites the crowd, sending deep bassy vibrations straight to the head of the raver. Lights reach out through the crowds and strike you straight in the eye. You've never felt more alive. All your friends are here, you have a bottle of Bud secured in your left hand, and your right is up in the air doing whatever feels best. Down on the ground and through dodgy alleyways, take care to skip over the glitter in the dirt, swerve the torn out weave, and since you're out tonight - make it a good one.

Above Left: John wears Coat by LIAM HODGES and Trousers by VINTAGE LEVI'S.
Above Right: T-shirt by TOPMAN, Sweatshirt by UMBRO and Jeans by VINTAGE LEVI'S.

Above Left: John wears Hat and T-Shirt by UMBRO.
Above Right: Jeans by VINTAGE LEVI'S, Socks by PUMA and Trainers by ADIDAS.

Above Left: As Before.
Above Right: John wears Top and Jeans by LIAM HODGES.

Above Left: John wears T-Shirt by BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB.
Above Right: Top by UMBRO, Trousers by LIAM HODGES, Socks by PUMA and Trainers by ADIDAS.

Above: As Before.


Words by Savannah Liu.

John Meadows_Amber Grace Dixon
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John Meadows_Amber Grace Dixon_2
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