Fieldless Fountains

18 November 2015
Do you remember that old penny you threw into the cold fountain? The penny that was worn at the edges, an aged shade of brown. Do you remember rubbing your finger obtrusively around the edge, thoughts murmuring in your head, blending out the noises and dirt of the city. Do you remember the wish you made as it sank into the water, ripples swaying side to side as it found a home at the bottom?
Sit in a field, she said. The whistle of the breeze hugging the hairs on your neck. Remember these little pieces of you that bound you together. The pieces of the puzzle that made you, you. You start to feel the grass between your toes, the greying clouds over your head. Forget the invasive camera that captures your every move, she said.
Photographer Jessica Jane Segal captures Miki at Agents Model Management in this dusky series photographed among the crooked streets of the Czech Republic. Doe-eyed and subtle in the greys, Jessica captures a calm and recollected Miki. He is framed for us, but his mind elsewhere. He is there you see, in the place where the wind dances through trees.

Words by Sophie Mayanne.

Jessica Jane1
Jessica Jane21
Jessica Jane3
Jessica Jane4
Jessica Jane5
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