BBG Presents: Festifeel 2014

24 June 2014

Named the only festival created with ‘Boobs In Mind’, we stopped by at Festifeel last weekend to kick start the festival season and to support an amazing cause. Curated by Coppafeel! and Fearne Cotton, the festival combines emerging musicians, a good atmosphere and boobs, all in aid to get rid of the stigma around cancer, raise awareness and encourage ALL young people, men included, to get to know their boobs.

Attending a festival where you are completely surrounded by boobs was definitely an experience. Full of light hearted boob puns presented as a colourful homage to the womanly asset, the whole venue felt as if it was full of your nearest and dearest, with unsaid mutual understanding of the reason behind the event. With titillating food and nipple shaped balloons scattered around the venue, even the artists had all hands on deck to help raise awareness.

Combining an intimate venue with Fearne Cotton’s little black book of musicians, Festifeel supplied a mix of acoustic to electro-pop artists, with the loveable duo Rizzle Kicks headlining. Manned with inflatable boobs strapped around their torso’s the Boob Team were in the midst of the crowd spreading boob love and educating festival goers that feeling your own boob, doesn’t make you weird.

Now 5 years old, Festifeel is still very much a small and intimate festival showcasing emerging artists as well as a few favourites. Heading backstage to the ‘Green Room’, that fancy room where artists hangout before their gig, we managed to grab a few lasting memories from the day and meet some talented musicians.

New comer Luke Sital-Singh took to the stage early on swooning us with his honest and down to earth performance. If you haven't heard of Luke before he is regularly compared to Ben Howard, Damien Rice and the beautiful Jeff Buckley due to his slow and nostalgic songs. But if there is one thing that makes him stand out from the rest it is that none of those guys have ever confessed to us about their love of boobs, thanks Luke!

Grabbing Hudson Taylor for some photo fun, the sweet mannered and charming boys serenaded us with their latest single 'Battles".

Backstage was like a big family, with Eliza and the Bear at the core due to their infectious energy, which was definitely present during their set. Dressed in their dads old shirts and gems they found in their local charity shop, the boys from Birmingham indie-pop band Swim Deep were effortlessly cool and relaxed. Offering us a Becks within the first moments of our chat, Swim Deep immediately became one of our favourites, providing us with the perfect summer playlist. If you haven't listened to them, you definitely should.

Festifeel is a unique music event, deliberately created on a small-scale, to help primarily raise awareness and promote CoppaFeel! With VANS now on its side, providing as a sponsor, next year is sure to be another flawless exhibition, raising money and showcasing passionate and talented artists.

Above: Hudson Taylor

Above: Eliza and the Bear

Above: Hudson Taylor

Above: Luke Sital-Singh

Above: Rizzle Kicks

Above Left: Kimberly Anne
Above Right: Swim Deep

Above: Swim Deep

Words by Mollie Smee.
Photographed by Sophie Mayanne.

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