Felix Mallard for Issue 15

28 October 2019

Photographer Dani Brubaker
Fashion Leah Adicoff
Interview Cecilie Harris
Casting Barbara Bersell
Grooming Alex Hernandez

Some people have the ability to light up your world simply with their presence. Their words somehow make you feel lighter and charge you with energy. Even over Skype Australian actor Felix Mallard has this effect.

Far away from home, Felix is currently settling into his new place in LA, where Dani Brubaker captures him in stunning black and white moments for Issue fifteen Glede. In a chat that lightens the heart, we touch on the things that are real versus the things that aren’t, what brings him joy, how laughing in the wrong moments can be okay, and his upcoming role in All the Bright Places. Felix feels like joy itself and shares where his positive ways stem from in these printed pages.

"What I used to do is - depending on how hard I felt it was - try to find one thing that made me smile each day. Then depending on how hard the day is, try to find something that hour or each half an hour. Negative thoughts build negative thoughts, and it’s the same with positive thoughts. It takes practice to build a positive attitude. There will definitely be at least one thing, whether it is that you’ve had coffee in the morning or you made it to work without crying. It’s about finding those little moments."

To connect with Felix further, take in the full 12-page story beyond these few teasers. Our brand new Autumn Winter ’19 issue Glede is available to buy online and in select stores worldwide.

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