Felix Feltham For “Lessons”

9 December 2013

Today we bring you a taster of an incredibly special feature that is very close to our hearts and taken straight from our newest issue “Lessons”. We are dedicated to showcasing new talent; whether it comes in the form of a stunning model, a captivating photographer or an engaging artist, we aim to create mesmerising and intriguing imagery for our viewers.

So, when photographer Cecilie Harris met Felix Feltham at Nisch Management around a year ago she felt she had found something special. Not only was Felix a beautiful model who held a unique wistful quality, but he also studied art and was an exquisite illustrator. Felix draws a variety of beautiful portraits, when Cecilie put forward the idea of him using his sharp and angular style in a raw study of himself to contribute to the issue, this created some amazingly beautiful results which are featured in the issue.

A year after they first met Cecilie travelled to Felix’s family home in Gothenburg, Sweden to capture his delicate story of the adolescent view one has of oneself during the time between youth and adulthood. The feature focuses on body image and how you view yourself and your body whilst growing up. Cecilie wanted to go back to the heart of what Boys by Girls does best, capturing the boy in his most comfortable space, at home. For this story it was especially important to capture Felix in his raw environment - it was the space in which Felix would feel most himself and unguarded to judgement.

In this enchanting and thoughtful feature we see two very different views in two opposing mediums showcasing the beauty of one boy. Cecilie captures Felix in serene and sensitive photographs, showing off his boyish beauty in the stunning landscape. She brings a personal beauty to these images by not only capturing Felix’s youth, but also revisiting her own childhood memories of running through the Scandinavian woods. While Felix accentuates his skinny frame and chooses not to compromise the beauty of the body in any way by drawing himself faceless. A lot of his artwork is body focused and faceless, to change the focus of how you would normally look at a piece of artwork. You can also check more of his work on his Tumblr.

Felix enabled us to create this captivating story of acceptance by intertwining art with photography, combining the artist creating a piece of art and with being the piece of art himself. This story was a real collaboration of ideas and talents, showcasing Felix as not only a model but an artist, creating a wonderfully beguiling outcome. We are also very delighted to feature Felix’s work on the back cover of “Lessons”; his illustration portrays a hopeful view of a boy looking skywards for answers and perfectly depicts the beautiful naiveté of youth.

Buy our new issue “Lessons” here to view more of Felix’s enchanting feature, out now.

Model and Artwork: FELIX FELTHAM at Nisch Management

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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