Favourite Moments from LFW SS21

25 September 2020

Life may be in a seemingly permanent state of flux these days, however, as sure as the seasons change, fashion week is here again to inject the world with some much-needed creative inspiration. Fashion Editor Nathan Henry takes you through their highlights of London's finest fashion offerings.

This season was of course an all-digital experience. Burberry opened fashion week with a hypnotic trek into the woods with their SS21 show. Models walked through lush forest carpets to the sounds of Eliza Douglas’ haunting guitars and vocals. Beckoning in a revolution of youth, the clothing felt powerful - bold coats layered with striking suiting elements. Standing out amongst this, were moments of hued colour, beautifully demanding attention.

Next, serving just what we expect, fashion icon and political voice Vivienne Westwood offered a nod to rebellion and revolution through masks and bold colours. This collection uses clashing patterns mixed with suiting to confront the ever-present millennial dilemma of what it means to be an individual in today's society.

Another Boys by Girls favourite, Qasimi, delivered serene and muted moments. A collection of tan, white and khakis offered a sense of simplicity - perfect in these times where we may find ourselves reaching for something a little softer and textiles that provide a sense of comfort.

Exploring beyond the realm of clothing, Paria Farzaneh created a spectacle with her collection in a quiet field, transforming it into a stage for a powerful and explosive show. From a distance and through the mist, the mix of technical fabrics and upcycled materials made a clear statement with sustainability as key - clashing camo prints with denim to create a simple yet effective statement.

Discussing the Pre-Spring 21 collection in his Live feature, Daniel W Fletcher explained his move towards being as sustainable as possible, and the collection was everything we expect and love: bright colours, smart tailored pieces and a twist on classic English looks.

This season Xander Zhou, another firm favourite, took a more introspective approach, breaking down the core of his brand in order to create a streamlined collection for SS21. We were thrilled to still see references to key Chinese symbols as in previous collections, and we are all here for his beautiful and classic Xander Zhou look.

Bianca Saunders once again used her clothes to unpick what it means to be 'masculine', playing with expression through dressing. The video element of her collection was particularly inspiring, allowing you to dive into the influence of culture in her work.

Finally, for me, LFW wouldn’t be the same without Ahluwalia. The collection was as bold and
graphic as ever, with a collaboration with Lagos-born British artist Dennis McInnes. A striking collection with political undertones, 'Liberation', uses reformed deadstock material, prints and zigzag denim, to create a slick yet powerful vision to call on the recent message of protest in the wake of Black Lives Matter.

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