Faces of Summer: Jack Taffel

13 September 2013

Do you love all the cute boys we have been featuring as part of our "Faces Of Summer 2013" series these past weeks as much as we do? We are keeping the rhythm going with the adorable face of Jack Taffel at D1 Models. As a newbie to the industry, 17 year old Jack has a natural coolness in front of the camera that is really catching attention. All eyes were on Jack's fresh look as he walked down the runway for John Galliano, Xander Zhou and Topman during the past fashion weeks. Jack was shot by our very own Cecilie Harris, and his intriguing face gives an interesting combination of innocence and rebelliousness, making him a must have addition to our Boys of Summer. Jack has an interesting mix of boyish charm and strong features that comibine magically with Cecilie's style, to bring us the definition of classic beauty.

As we look through Jack's photographs, PC Williams styles him in a preppy look for his first outfit, and then change direction with more of a rebellious teen second look to bring out a different side of him. Jack has cheek bones to die for and stunning one of a kind features that we haven't seen in anyone else. Mr. Taffel has a lovable mystery, and his gorgeous face makes him a bright and unique standout from the crowd. His quiet innocence makes him one that you should look out for, in a good way.

In our interview with Jack he tells us about his slight obsession with cats, and how he wants to live a stress free life. He has a kind heart that brought a great energy throughout the day, and he even helped us clean up after lunch was finished! (So cute!) With a life motto to do what makes you happy, we know the future holds the best for him, and we think Jack is the cat's pyjamas (apparently this is a good thing, Wyatt insists, so we're gonna let it slide).

Model JACK TAFFEL (D1 Models)

Above; Jack wears Jumper TOPMAN, Jacket MAKERS LDN, Trousers JOSEPH TURVEY, Shoes SAUCONY

Hi Jack! How long have you been modeling for?
I started in January of this year with D1 Models, so about seven months now.

And, which shows did you walk over this past fashion week?
I walked in In London for Topman, and in Paris for John Galliano and Xander Zhou.

Who is Jack Taffel?
I am the type of person who will go with the flow of things, and try not to be anyone but myself. I like to think that I am relatively interesting as well. At first, quite a few people don't understand me, because I am extremely sarcastic, and people can't tell if I am being rude or just being me. Which sometimes can be a bit awkward, but I try my best to be nice! ha ha

What would make you happy to see?
To be completely honest as long as I don't go bald I'd be happy. If there is anything else I can just get plastic surgery!

What kind of life do you picture for yourself?
As much as I enjoy being busy, I'd quite like an easy future where I didn't have to work too much. I would like to live an easily life, maybe in a nice studio apartment in London with lots of light. And cats! I love cats, so a few would be nice.

What makes you happy?
Cats! haha I have two cats, Ella and Otis. After Ella Fitzgerald and Otis Redding. What else makes me happy is quality time with my friends and family. As long as I have that in my life I don't mind what else I am doing, because there isn't much I am really against.

What did you do on your last birthday?
My last birthday I sat at home watching films, basically doing nothing. I left school and all of my friends were still there, and my family was at work, so I had a nice day to myself.

Have you had any moments in your life that have stood out this far?
My first big editorial that I was chosen for was a turning point for me, because I was a bit self conscious before I got used to modelling. Booking that really helped me see that I can really do this.

Do you have any last words?
This has to be something cheesy, doesn't it? I guess I can say my motto for life is that happiness is the most important thing. You have to do what makes you happy, and forget all the rest.

Le Coq Sportif
Christopher Shannon
Maker LDN
Joseph Turvey

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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