Faces of Summer: Henry Smith

2 September 2013

Our next "Face of Summer 2013" is Henry Smith at Elite Models London, photographed by Cecilie Harris. Henry has walked for Ferragamo in Milan, shot campaigns with Alpha and Duvetica, and to top it all off, he also graced the front cover of LAB A4 Magazine’s Purity issue along side Joe Collier and Jack Vanderhart.

Henry has been a very busy boy, and we took some time out from our shoot with him to get to know how he spends his very little spare time. He plays a lot of Polo, and if he wasn’t modeling would want to escape to the French alps to be a ski instructor. He also talked to us about why he would like to be James Bond and what really makes him tick.

Cecilie shows off Henry's boyish good looks beautifully in this series of restful soft toned images. We see Henry transition seemlessly from soft and serene to young and brooding, while Cecilie captures these changes with a truthful elegance. With PC Williams showing off both his sophisticated and cool looks, with the help of gorgeous styles from Henry Lloyd, Bonjour, Edwin, Denim Demon, Cheap Monday and Kenzo.


Above Henry wears; Shirt HENRY LLOYD, Trousers BONJOUR, Jumper EDWIN.

Hey Henry, how long have you been modeling?
I started properly just before Christmas.
How where you scouted?
I did the Elite Model Look.
What shows did you do this summer?
I did a showroom in London, and then I did a show in Milan for Ferragamo, which I really enjoyed.
How did you like Milan?
As a place it’s... it reminds me of Gotham...

Have you seen Batman, Gotham City.

Above Henry wears; Jeans DENIM DEMON, Jacket CHEAP MONDAY, Polo-neck KENZO.

Haha amazing, what other stuff have you been doing?
I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago in Venice. I loved it, it was amazing, everything about it was great, it was for Dovetica. Then I did another shoot in the south of Italy on a yacht.

Oh wow, you’re living the high life.
That was my first ever shoot and it was just the best. I absolutley loved it! It was four days on a yacht it was insane.

They like you in Italy then. You’re popular over there.
Yeah I guess haha.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
I’d say I’m really sporty, just want to have a laugh really. You know Polo? My favorite sports are Polo, snow skiing and wake boarding.

Haha snow skiing?
Yeah well I say skiing and everyone thinks water skiing, so skiing and wakeboarding.

Those are real extreme sports arn’t they, how did you get into the Polo?
My house backs on to a Polo field, and my little brother is wanting to be like an England pro and one of my best friends is doing pretty good at it.

The Polo ponies are always really well behaved aren’t they?
Yeah, when they are on the pitch they are, you can do anything with them on the pitch, but as soon as you get off they’re like a handful.

Other than modeling and Polo, what else are you passionate about?
Skiing, I love it. I started when I was, well funnily enough I’ve only started playing Polo this year, but I wanted to take it up and its great. And then started skiing when I was 4, so I’m really passionate about it. If I wasn’t doing the modeling I would definitely wanting to be a ski instructor.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Umm ... probably .. there's quite a few actually. I hate transport. I enjoy traveling to places, but I hate the transport side of it. When I get there I love it, it’s just the getting there. So I always seem to be so unlucky.

What do you think is your biggest strength?
Probably the sport I think, for sure.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Footballer. I played football for ages, for loads of different teams. But I got a bad injury - tore ligament so can’t do it anymore.

How would your dad describe you?
He says I’m always mature for my age, and that if I got told to do something, anything, that I could do it. Like he has no doubt in me I guess.

That's so lovely. He believes in you! If you were a character from a film who would you want to be?
Definetly Daniel Craig.

In James Bond?
Yeah of course! I love everything about him. Gets women, has nice cars ...

Nice suits?
Yeah exactly, he’s the man.

How do you measure success?
I think it’s you being named as a number one of what you do, or near the top.

And lastly, and I know you had a nightmare with transport getting here today, but how have you enjoyed today?
Ahh the shoot has been great, but the travel down was a bit stressful haha. But this has made up for it.

Can you leave us with any advice as a young male model to someone who’s just coming into the industry?
Take everything on the chin really. Say yes to everything, as you never know what is going to come up, because you can have quite periods and then be really busy so yeah.

Thank you so much Henry, you were a sweetheart and maybe you can come and teach us how to play polo one day.

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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