Faces of Summer: Frederik R

30 August 2013

Today's "Faces of Summer 2013" feature is the beautiful Frederik Rasmussen at Premier Model Management. Frederik was the youngest of our bunch of boys, and at the age of 16 he has already been modeling for almost a year, walking at Paris Fashion Week and he also has a campaign under his belt.

Photographer Cecilie Harris captures Frederik here in a howering series of thoughtful portraits. She creates a mood of adventure and uncertainty, and subtly portrays a feeling of youth and adolesence with the help of the American preppy styling by PC Williams. Frederik brings a modern edge to with the help of his shaved head, quiet confidence and laid back attitude.

Having already shot for Used Magazine and Wonderland Magazine, Frederik has had a rather exciting year and is looking forward to the fun continuing into the foreseeable future. We stole him away from the shoot for just a few minutes so that you can get to know him even more. He talks about his passions, his talents and his partialness for hops. Scroll down for our full interview with the daring Dane.

Hair JOHN MULLAN at Nude Agency for Stone Hair

Above Frederick wears: Long-Sleeve Top TOPMAN, T-shirt BILLIONAIRES BOYS CLUB, Shorts SUNSPEL

How long have you been modeling?
One year.

Hows it going so far?
It’s pretty good. I was in Paris for fashion week and I did fashion week in Copenhagen as well. And then some magazine stuff.

What’s your favorite show you’ve walked in?
Wood Wood, it’s a Danish brand, it’s pretty big in Denmark so it was cool.

What magazines have you been doing recently?
I did Used Magazine yesterday and something for Wonderland the other day.

I you had three words to describe yourself, which three would you choose?
Fun .. Drinker...

Drinker - your 16!
I know, but in Denmark you start young. You’re allowed to buy when your 16.

(we laugh)
It’s true. And lastly I guess ... friendly.

What other than modeling are you passionate about?
Basketball. Yeah mostly Basketball. It’s like my favorite.

Do you do it at school?
Yeah I have two years left.

What do you like the most about Basketball?
I did it at a club for 5-6 years, and then I stopped a year and a half ago, but now I just play on the street for fun. Every day, almost.

Who is your ultimate hero?
Thats a tough one, Superman.

Why superman?
He’s just strong. Just super.

On the superhero track, if you were a superhero what do you think your power would be?
Something like speed or something.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Machine engineer. I still want to be one.

What does that do?
You create stuff. You choose a topic, cars or motors and you have to design it and improve it every time. So theres lots of topics you can choose from, but it’s all mathematics and stuff.

Above Fredrick wears: Suit EMPIRES UNION, Polo Shirt FRED PERRY, Shoes POINTER

So you're quite smart?
Nah I’m not smart, but I like mathematics. It’s just one of the things I’m good at so... yeah.

Do you have any special talents?
I’m really athletic I guess.

What was your favorite childhood hobby?
Haha playing with my friends, I was mostly with my best friend and he had a swimming pool and a trampoline, so we would jump from one to the other all day every day.

We could use one of those right now.
Yeah it’s so hot here!

Do you have any life advice here for us at Boys by Girls?
Be yourself. Thats all I have for you. Just be yourself. It’s the best way to be.

And are you looking forward to our shoot today?
Yes. I always look forward to shoots!

It was a pleasure Frederik! If our car ever breaks down, we will be sure to contact the most gorgeous engineer we know.


Billionaires Boys Club
Empires Union
Fred Perry

Words by Annie Ounstead

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