Faces Of Summer 2012: Rory

15 August 2012

Last week we shared with you our special editorial "12 Faces of Summer 2012" shot by Cecilie Harris, featuring Boys by Girls' favourite new faces. While we had all the boys around we took the opportunity to capture some stunning individual portraits of the boys, and also interview them all to find out more about them. We are curious like that. One of those boys was the very handsome Rory Smith at FM Models who tells us all about his modelling experiences so far and what he would sound like as a song.

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Photographic Assistants KAAMILAH NAHABOO & DAVE BIRD
Model RORY SMITH (FM Agency)

Rory wears shirt DENIM DEMON, sweater OLIVER SPENCER

Name: Rory Smith
Age: 19
Location: London

Where are you from originally?
I'm originally from Wales.

How long have you been modelling?
Full-time about 3 months. My sister is a fashion student, so she convinced me to come up with her and find an agency.

So were you modelling for her designs?
Yeah I did. She done Fashion Promotion at uni so she made a magazine for her final outcome so I kinda done all that and stuff.

Rory wears shirt DENIM DEMON, sweater OLIVER SPENCER, shorts TOPMAN

What other kind of modelling experiences have you had so far?
I just come back from Berlin, done a week there for the G-Star Bread and Butter show. That was really fun.

Any other catwalk things?
Yeah, in London, I done Christopher Shannon and the Pringle show.

What’s your dream modelling job?
Erm, like realistically, kind of, I want to do the Topman campaign or maybe something for Stone Island.

I can see you in Topman.
Hopefully I’ll do it.

Rory wears shirt DENIM DEMON, sweater OLIVER SPENCER, shorts TOPMAN

What are you passionate about?
Before I came up to live in London I was doing an art foundation course, so I’m kinda into things like illustration and t-shirt design and stuff like that.

3 random facts about yourself?
Random facts? Erm, I can open bottles with my teeth. I played football up until I was about 16, but then I snapped all the ligaments in my knee so I can’t play anymore. I have a dog at home called Molly as well.

If you were a song, what would you sound like?
If I was a song? That’s a tough one. Maybe something a bit reggae but maybe with a little bit of like, drum and bass added in as well.

Rory wears shirt DENIM DEMON, sweater OLIVER SPENCER

Who’s your favourite character from "Friends"?
Joey. Cos he’s so funny.

Were you voted for anything in your yearbook?
Er, no I don’t think I was.

3 things you really love?
Trainers, like shoes.
The sun.
And travelling.

3 things you really dislike?
Hot foods.
The rain.
And arguments, like confrontations.

By ‘hot food’ you mean spicy food?
Yeah spicy food, yeah, not like hot warm food!

Rory wears shirt DENIM DEMON, sweater OLIVER SPENCER

Words: Kaamilah Nahaboo

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