Faces Of Summer 2012: Jon

7 September 2012

Meet Jon Dartnell, a new face at FM Agency, and one of the boys featured in our "12 Faces of Summer 2012" editorial. Hilarious in a really deadpan kinda way, Jon had us all laughing when he produced sachets of dog shampoo from his bag (apparently it smells quite good). Read his interview below to find out about his best feature and what he'd sell if he opened a shop.

Photographed by Cecilie Harris, Jon chills out in the park, styled by Kristine Kilty.

You can take a look behind the scenes at the Faces of Summer shoot here.

Photographic Assistants KAAMILAH NAHABOO & DAVE BIRD
Model JON DARTNELL (FM Agency)

Jon wears (all images) shirt LAMBRETTA, shorts TOPMAN, jacket ALPINESTARS, shoes ZARA, socks ASOS.

What's your name, age and location?
17, Kennington... age, name… oh. Jon. Oh can we do it again?
Jon, 17, from London.

How long have you been modelling and how did it start?
About a year and a bit now. I was in the West End and I got scouted then.

What have you done so far, modelling wise?
I’ve done two fashion weeks, including some shows and other stuff. I’m going to Japan in August for two months, which should be cool.

Do you know what you’re doing in Japan?
Well apparently you work everyday, so I think hopefully, I get some really good pictures, which should be really cool.

What’s your dream modelling job?
Hmm, dream modelling job? Probably a music video, with… who’s a hot musician… ah, what’s her name [clicks fingers to remember], Lana Del Rey? I think she’s quite cool. I just think she’d be a cool person to do something like that with. A music video.

"Has anyone here got a dog? Here, have some dog shampoo."

What are you passionate about and why?
I’m passionate about my sport. I like to keep healthy and I’ve always done sport since I was younger. I’m also passionate about the way I am with people, I do believe in karma heavily.

3 random facts about yourself?
3 random facts about myself? I’m… that’s a really hard one. 3 random facts about myself. Oh, ok, I’m allergic to green apples, cherries, which is quite annoying. Yeah, I’m allergic to green apples and cherries.
I’ve got a big blonde streak in my hair that people think is dyed but it’s not. But it’s just this massive blonde streak in my hair. Which isn’t really a random fact cos it’s not… So I’m allergic to green apples and cherries.

Anything weird from childhood maybe?
Yeah actually, random fact. When I was 12, I got entered for this national rowing championship. My school’s a sports college, and I came 4th. In England. Which was really weird. So yeah, I was 4th in England. In rowing. Indoor rowing, which is quite random. Yeah, so that’s quite random, cos it’s indoor rowing.

What do you think is your best feature?
My smile. Yeah.

Do you like smiling in photos then? Or do photographers normally ask for a more serious face?
Yeah, but you never get asked to do it! You never really get asked to smile. I remember I went to this casting and they asked me to smile and I was so, like surprised, cos I’d never been asked to smile before, ever.

If you won the lottery, what would be the very first thing you’d buy?
Probably buy a house. No no, that’s such a like… A taxi. To the lottery place, to pick up my money. And then, probably a massive night out with my friends.

If you were to open a shop, what would you sell?
Cupcakes. Cakes.

Do you like baking?
No, but that would be so cool to own a cake shop. Or like a vintage shop, with just loads of random cool things in it, like you know when you go to those places and they've got weird ornaments and art, arty things.

"Ah, look, that dog needs some shampoo."

Photos: Cecilie Harris
Words: Kaamilah Nahaboo

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