Faces Of Summer 2012: Charlie

5 September 2012

Today we continue our portrait series with lucky number seven, Charlie Mills at Premier, who was featured in our '12 Faces of Summer 2012' editorial. Photographed by Cecilie Harris, Charlie looks a little bit naughty but nice styled by Kristine Kilty. He tells us all about stealing seeds from birds and wearing light up outfits.

Come back in a couple of days for the next boy in our series.

After being so awesome during this shoot and becoming our latest guilty pleasure on Twitter, we already have more Charlie goodies ready for you very soon!

Photographic Assistants KAAMILAH NAHABOO & DAVE BIRD
Model CHARLIE MILLS (Premier)

Charlie wears (first three images) shirt ALL SAINTS, shorts ADDICT, tie PAUL COSTELLOE.

Name: Charlie Mills
Age: 18
Location: London/Nottingham.

How long have you been modelling?
Since March. Five months.

How did it begin?
I won a competition that Premier did.

Tell us about your modelling experiences so far
It’s pretty cool, it’s been really crazy. When you first start, you don’t really realise how much hard work and how crazy it is.

What’s your dream modelling job?
I think it would be something like Valentino in Milan or something. I think that would be really cool, that would be awesome.

So really smart, tailored stuff?
Yeah, suits and everything, that would be wicked.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about friends, and I'm very loyal with my friends. I’m also kinda strange, I’m a strange person. haha

3 random facts about yourself?
Random facts about myself? I used to eat seeds from bird tables. I was pretty obsessed with seeds, and used to always eat them. When I didn’t have any seeds, I’d go to the garden and steal them off the bird table and eat all these seeds from the birds. I was a bit of a strange child.
I’m a really loyal person, like really super loyal.
I’d like to think I'm a pretty interesting person as well.

What was your first job outside of modelling?
My first job was in Hollister.

So are you into fashion?
A little bit. I think my mum’s even more into fashion than me though.

Charlie wears top DENIM DEMON, trousers ALL SAINTS.

Have you been put in any ‘challenging’ outfits for shoots?
I had a really weird one with lights on it. It had fairy lights all over it and I had to walk around with a plug dangling down my leg.

Was that trousers?
Well it was like the whole thing. They plugged it in and had to sellotape it down, down my leg so you couldn’t see it and then have it sellotaped to the floor.

Have you learnt anything from modelling so far? Is it what you expected?
I kinda knew what it was like, cause it’s what my mum did. But like, the way some people think about it, is nothing what it’s like. People that don’t do it think it’s like the easiest job in the world, but it’s actually a lot more challenging than you'd think.

If you were to open a shop, what would you sell?

Just iPods?
Yeah, just like iPods with music, preloaded with all my stuff and no one else can help it. This is what you’ve gotta have or you can’t buy an iPod.

Photos: Cecilie Harris
Words: Kaamilah Nahaboo
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