Ed Speleers For Issue 10

23 June 2016

Remember that boy in your class who was the ‘lad’s lad’ or the class clown? The boy who would stroll in through the front door allowing a slushy outline of mud to trail behind him? The same boy that ran around the kitchen floor mum had just mopped clean. Ed Speleers was constantly messing about, satisfied with a pass mark and was often seeking adventures in places he shouldn't. He was the persuader that ushered other kids to the dark side and the ultimate ‘playa’ image to all the girls. Oh, and yes, it was him that stole your mum's fags that time.

Bet you didn’t know that the little rebel across the street would blossom in front of your television screens. Kids grow up with all kinds of aspirations: astronauts, doctors, pop-stars. For Ed Speleers, the aspiration was to become an actor. Now a seasoned actor, Boys by Girls meet with the Chicester boy for Issue 10. Digging deep into the roots of his acting career as a 10 year old boy, we uncover an extraordinary childhood.

His assertive presence is translated into a laidback transparency captured by photographer Jessie Craig. A chilled atmosphere transcends, as mutual passions for football are exchanged, and Christopher Preston creates the perfect look for Ed. From school plays to playing the role of cheeky Jimmy in 'Downton Abbey', this print feature will reveal all you want to know about Ed and his exciting upcoming projects.

Admire more of Ed’s charismatic wit in the full feature in Issue 10 'Muse', which is available to buy in stores and online now.

Photography JESSIE CRAIG
Grooming PAUL DONOVAN at CLM using L'Oreal Professional

Intro by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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