Early Riser

16 September 2015

Moving out day, chaos, clutter and leftover cups of tea. Moving out day, a day that is somewhat always tinged with sadness. The charming presence of Karolis Inokaitis (Supermodels) is found in-between piles of boxes, politely humming to himself. The sound of emptiness whispers through the house as Karolis lounges in his favourite spots, minus all the things that make his house his.

The vibe of delicate teen angst flows through; dirty socks, empty cupboards and intense eye-to-camera connections that wouldn’t go out of place in a Larry Clark film. He stares out of his window, his long body hardly fitting the frame of the window, as he lusts to move on quicker and get out into the great, wide, world. A rebel without a cause, dissatisfied being cooped up inside, but not quite sure where to explore next.

I've started seeing the bigger picture and think in a less restricted manner after seeing things I didn't even know existed. I don't have those limitations in my mind...”

After her chat with Karolis in Dancing Dragons photographer Ieva Blaževičiūtė continues to captures Karolis delicately; the natural light falling over his skin, casting geometric shadows. As she softly focuses in on his movements around the house you are connected intimately with him, as if you were too there sharing the moment. These simplistic photographs make you take a closer look at the oddities of the human body, fingers, toes and imperfections; the beautiful way you look at somebody you love.

Words by Molly Baker.

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