Desaturated Riches

19 February 2016
There are many different types of boys; the loud and obnoxious types who boast about how many times they've gotten lucky, or how many goals their football team scored. There are those that whisper in the shadows, and some that love nothing better than getting trashed every other day and hardly shower. Gross.
Yet among this bunch of peculiar specimen, there are the lovely ones - and this story is about one of them: Lewis Taylor from Models 1. Loitering around a densely rich mansion, embracing satin sheets and demanding the attention of Elena Pirogova-Mares' lens. Almost like a beautiful ghost, he haunts the rooms, leaving nothing but a nostalgic memory as evidence of him being there at all.
Styled by Krista Grundane and groomed by Shamireh Sairally, he carries an alluring grace and an air of heartbreak with the ability to pierce your heart. A desaturated semblance with a whiff of hopelessness, portrayed in an array of splendour. The taste of sobriety still lingers as Lewis effortlessly glides in and out of different rooms. Elena (assisted by Christopher Butchart) captures these delicate moments in this soft portrait series.

Words by Savannah Liu.

Lewis Taylor_1
Lewis Taylor_2
Lewis Taylor_3
Lewis Taylor_4
Lewis Taylor_5
Lewis Taylor_6
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