BBG Loves: Crocoseries Lacoste Rebooting the Crocodile

18 March 2020

With 2020 already proving to be an exciting year of re-imagination for Lacoste, the news that the Crocoseries, three very bold and inventive collaborations, will soon be dropping was welcome news to us crocodile fans. Three different artists who embody positivity and optimism have reinvented the house's timeless classics in their own upbeat, colourful styles.

FriendsWithYou, the LA-based artist collective, have a mission to cultivate moments of spiritual awareness and powerful, joyous interactions via their immersive and interactive artworks. Known more traditionally for their inflatable sculptures, they have translated this vision across to the Lacoste collection, sending the crocodile into orbit in a world of minimalist, faux-naive characters, giving its sporting roots a softer, fuzzier turn towards kawaii.

A more abstract, bold collection is revealed by artist and designer, Jeremyville. With bases in NYC and Sydney, well-travelled Jeremyville takes inspiration from culture-infused, street art-rooted style around the world. Here he created a luxuriant and creative jungle for Lacoste, blending tennis and the crocodile as one. A close up of the print reveals his trademark curves, woven with rackets and balls, becoming hybrid animals befriending the trademark crocodile, creating a surreal and vibrant world.

The third collaboration plays back to Lacoste's French heritage, reimagining characters seen on the streets of Paris through the eyes of illustrator, Jean-Michel Tixier. Tixier's work - stylish, witty and loved by the fashion world - takes a cue from traditional French cartoons and successfully brings together old and new. Here the designs include a crocodile modelled on the artist himself and the people around him. Becoming human as a stylish hipster, sportswear-mad teen and upper-class Paris dad amongst others, the crocodile shows its appeal to Lacoste fans of all generations.

All three collections will land in-store and online from March 18.


Photos courtesy of Lacoste


Photos courtesy of Lacoste


Photos courtesy of Lacoste

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