Issue 6 Contribution

10 November 2013

Since the release of issue 5 “Lessons”, which you can still buy here, we have been writing and snapping away like little worker bees to prepare for the 6th chapter of the Boys by Girls story. We’re planning a very special feature for our next print issue where we are opening up the opportunity for female photographers around the world to get involved.

If you’re already familiar with Boys by Girls, you’ll know that one of our trademark shots is “the boy in his bedroom”. We believe that there is nothing more powerful than shooting a boy in this intimate environment, and nothing that reveals more of who the boy is when captured like this.

We are looking for a series of photographs of boys in their bedrooms from all over the world, by a variety of talented female photographers. We will dedicate one page to each chosen photographer that make it into our print issue.

Here are the rules:

- You need to be a female photographer
- Send us options both in portrait and landscape format as we don't know what the final layout will be yet. If selected, one of your photos will be used.
- All images from the setting needs to be completely exclusive and not put up anywhere online until they have been published in the magazine. You can send us as many options as you want.
- It needs to be photographed in the boys' own bedroom
- The boy doesn't have to be a model, but can be.
- It can be styled or unstyled.
- It should have a natural look.
- It needs to be in colour.
- It can be shot in any country or city, to show the environment the boy is captured in.
- Include all credits when sending your submission.
- Include the following bits about the boy: name, age, city and country he was photographed in, his favourites things and his passions.
- Email all submissions to with the subject “Boys in Bedrooms” by Friday 13th December 2013.

Below you can see some beautiful examples shot by Editor-in-Chief Cecile Harris. Grab your cameras and start snapping away.

Words by Ama Samra.

Rich Morris_0331_Web
Jake Cooper_0472_HR
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