Children Of The Night For Issue 8

26 June 2015

The night, in its pure, undefined state, greets the sky with the uncertainty of darkness. The howls of freedom and whispers of mischief work through the city, awakening the midnight characters. Light casts joy and logic, but darkness shades inhibition and sparks excitement to do something you wouldn’t ever normally do. The business of a city continues through to evening and still no one looks up to notice what you are doing. Take the night. Unleash yourself. No one can change you.

Flying over from Argentina for a night in the colourful London Soho, Edu allows Cecilie Harris to capture his process of getting ready to go out for our eight issue "The Trouble With Boys". Using the candid nature of Impossible film, Cecilie documents the transformation of Edu to Morgan, his female alter-ego. The slight wisps of smoke, the fade of film and the glare of flash against the dark rooms all allude to the carefree spirit of youth as Morgan commands the streets of Soho.

It’s a boys right to embrace his feelings and act with freedom. Edu does this with such strength. It’s courageous to reach a point in your life where you can act how you want and do what you want to do without any fear of others reactions. The weight of labelling a definition seems so necessary in our culture, but it isn’t. It’s empowering to act how you want to without any need to define who you are, just as Edu does. Have the guts to face up to potential danger. Be different. Have fun.

These documentary images of raw life and character can be found within Issue 8 ‘The Trouble With Boys’, where we continue to discover what lies beneath the minds of the modern day boy. The issue is available to buy now in shops and online, where you can see the full series and more captures of Edu and his alter ego.

Photography Assistant: JOAKIM HELTNE
Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Words by Tim Sprague.

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