Finlay and Rafferty for Issue 15

7 November 2019

We’re running in fields. I’ve come to Wales to join Rafferty and Finn at their family home for the day. Their father makes me a delicious cup of tea whilst mum peeks out the window as Stephanie photographs her sons. There is a sense of Welsh calm and an allowance to ‘simply be’ that hit you as you enter their world. It’s easy to get comfortable very quickly.

Stephanie Sian Smith captures these Welch brothers for our fifteenth issue at their home and favorite spaces. There is a strong sense of brotherhood, respect, banter and care. I play my favourite game with them: say something nice about each other. Finn: “It would be boring to have a brother you can’t banter with. He is never really negative and always tries to be positive, which is nice to be around. He’s a good laugh and has nice dreamy eyes”. Rafferty about Finn: “He sticks up for me and I look up to him, in a way. He has a nice dress sense, so when I grow, I’ll steal all his clothes. He also has a nice girlfriend”. I ask if he is going to steal her too. Rafferty laughs but doesn’t answer.

Since this issue explores the many faces of happiness (or glede as we call it), this story is a reminder that family is a major part of who we are and what brings us joy. The power of brotherhood, whether you're bound by blood or friendship, is one of the strongest bonds there is.

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