Boys Say Happy Christmas

24 December 2013

Merry Christmas lovely readers! We are overflowing with so much Christmas spirit that we just had to share some of it with you all. A few of the BBG boys stopped by to wish our readers a joyful and happy Christmas. So this, you lovely lot, is from us to all of you.

This has been such an awesome year, and it has been more than a pleasure to work with all the cool boys we have featured over the past year. Stopping by were some old faves; with Anders Hayward (Supa), Conor Doherty (Elite London), Lewis Chesson-Grieve (Nevs), Tom Leigh (FM Models), Fionn Creber (Nevs) and Travis Smith who we featured in issue 5 "Lessons". The cheeky Joey Rogers (Supa) and Harry Curran (AMCK) we featured in our "Faces of Summer 2013" digital story. We have been a fan of Elliot Stevens at Established for a few years now, and have featured him a variety of times, including our third print issue. And we can't forget about Jack Marcy (FM Models), Keith Hernendez (Elite Models) and Michael Morgan (Models 1), who were so gorgeous we just had to have them stop by for some Christmas cheer and remenisce over our gorgeous past shoots.

We hope you get what you wish for this Christmas (which is obviously a copy of Boys by Girls issue 5, right!?) and if you're running a bit late with Christmas presents this year, don't forget that the "Lessons" is still available to buy here.

Wherever you are celebrating today, BBG and our boys wish you a day full of love and joy, and er, a unicorn.. right Anders?

Polaroids by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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