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30 January 2014

As busy as Boys by Girls Magazine is, we somehow always manage to check out the latest videos on our YouTube subscriptions list. It's our new addiction, don't judge us. From the outspoken Tyler Oakley and his fabulous hair to Ryan Higa's slapstick humour, these boys provide us with some much-needed comic relief in our hectic lives.

Just listening to them vent about bad drives can have us in stitches of laughter during our lunch hour, and their videos keep us entertained long after we've left the office. So we wanted to put together a list for you with a list of our top 10 favourite boys on YouTube to help enrich your lives. When you think about it YouTube is becoming the new way of watching TV, so you might as well get used to some of these guys being around and get as hooked as we are on their channels. We are doing you a favor. Feel free to thank us later.

1. JacksGap

JacksGap began as a means for English boy Jack Harries to document his gap year and share his adventures with far-away friends and family. Since then, the channel has grown to include his twin Finn, and together they vlog about their everyday lives and more. We adore Jack and Finn and their adventures. Who doesn't like a friendly pair of handsome twins.

Click here to watch their videos.

2. TroyeSivan18

South African-born Troye Sivan has been posting weekly video blogs onto his YouTube account for just over a year, and already his account is in the Top 20 most subscribed channels in Australia. A singer and an actor, Troye won't fail to impress you with his amazing talent. His honest approach, sarcastic sense of humour and fabulous acting approach keeps us tuning in for each new video he shares.

Click here to watch his videos.

3. Tyleroakley

An American vlogger, Tyler Oakley began making YouTube videos in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular YouTubers around. With his witty charm, he discusses a range of topics in his videos; from queer politics to pop culture. Tyler is one of those friendly guys that draws you in with his charm and interpretation of the world around him. We want Tyler to be our new BFF!

Click here to watch his videos.

4. Nigahiga

Ryan Higa is a Hawaiiwan-American YouTube "celebrity", actor and comedian. From his videos which include scripted film parodies and improvised skits, you immediately get the sense that Ryan is a naturally creative and hilarious dude.

Click here to watch his videos.

5. SJYoungcreates

Self-described actor/writer/improviser, Sean Young is also signed to Established Models and is very new to the world of YouTube. For BBG readers who have been around for a bit you'll know we recently did a feature on Sean after his role in BBC3 TV series "Some Girls". As we adore Sean a lot, we recommend you follow him as he will enrich your lives with his clever sense of humour and witty charm.

Click here to watch his videos.

6. Dicasp

Caspar Lee is possibly one of the most endearing YouTubers out there. Another South African, his videos include interviews with other YouTubers, and he tends to make quite a few videos where he proclaims his love for One Direction. We love it.

Click here to watch his videos.

7. Janoskians & TwinTalkTime

The Janoskians are a comedic group of 5 Australian boys whose videos consist of them doing pranks on the unsuspecting public, performing dares or scripted skits.

Click here to watch their videos.

As their popularity has grown, Twins Luke and Jai of the Janoskians have created their own side channel 'TwinTalkTime', where they discuss being twins and perform ridiculous but always entertaining skits such as 'Who Is The Better Twin?'.

Click here to watch TwinTalk Time.

8. ItsKingsleyBitch

The outspoken King started making YouTube videos under the username 'ItsKingsleyBitch' in 2009. Through a combination of hilarious rants on pop culture and general life, he has accumulated over 2,000,000 subscribers who all seem to love how he unabashedly says what everyone is thinking.

Click here to watch his videos.

9. Charlieissocoollike

Charlie McDonnell is an English vlogger, filmmaker and musician from Bath. He began making videos in 2007, and with lines like, "Laughing is my second favourite thing. After eating." - he is most definitely a boy after our own hearts.

Click here to watch his videos.

10. KickThePj

PJ is an English YouTuber who wows his viewers with clever sketches, impressive animations and general humour. He's also known for his creative short films, and has even won a Virgin Media award for his short film 'PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer'.

Click here to watch his videos.

And there are probably somany more out there we haven't even discovered yet. Feel free to tell us on Twitter who we could be checking out. We are all over this new addiction.

Words by Sara Gilmer.

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