Boys Of Paris Fashion Week

2 July 2013

With the shows of Milan menswear Fashion Week done and dusted (click to see Part 1 & Part 2), it was time for Carola and Anais to pack up and head to the airport again (along with an army of models ) to fly to their next destination: Paris, oh la la! The city of light and love was the next stop and they couldn’t wait to grab some of its delicious and tasty cuisine in one of the most romantic cities of the world. Everything was perfect (except the weather).

The first show was Alibellus+ at Maison des Métallos. Designer Titi Kwan, demonstrated beauty and creativity with a range of colours and patterns for the Spring Summer 2014 collection. The colour palette was soft and delicate, inspired by nature and the colour of birds: from the light pink of the flamingos, to the greens and blues of wild ducks. Patterns were large yet comfortable, just like boys Alexander Ferrario, Arthur Gosse, Ben Allen and Elvis Jankus, did on the runway. This collection highlighted the freedom one feels with fashion much like that of a bird flying away, we were drawn to this beautiful and innate creativity.

The second show was John Lawrence Sullivance and took place in the contemporary art center, Palais de Tokyo. The designer, Arashi Yanagawa, mixed traditional elements such as classic tailoring with new colours, cuts and patterns to give strength to the collection. How? By gathering traditional colour suits – grey, black or dark blue– and mixing them in with bright colours like intense green, orange and blue. He also used total looks in just one colour, in order to keep giving a new era to the classic clothing, with biker jackets, big striped and checked fabrics, sleeveless and shorts in suits, transparencies, punched jackets, shirts and shoes, and accessories such as zippered clutches and huge rucksacks, which gave the collection a clean sportive look. Models such us Kristoffer Hasslevall, Yannick Abrath, Taylor Cowan and Bastian Thiery also helped the aim of the designer and the collection, giving a change to a renovated concept of the masculine image that is powerful and elegant at the same time.

Photographs by Carola Fingerhut de Armas.
Words by Anaïs Serrano.

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