Boys Of LCM: Part 2

20 June 2013

In our second serving of the hottest boys in town for London Collections: Men, we meet boys from Supa Models, Nevs Models, Models 1, Next Models, Premier Models, Select Models and Amck Models.

We have included some familiar faces and some cool new ones that we ran into over the three days. Showing off their model pose and their fun side, with the usual accompanying interview, you can indulge in their beauty and what the boys have been up to during the London Collections.

Check out the images and interviews below to make your day delightful.

Anders Hayward - Supa Models

Hey Anders, what have you been up to since you did your Boys by Girls editorial?
I shot another editorial for Boys by Girls for the next print issue, and then I've done a campaign and shows and stuff.

Awesome. How was the Richard Nicoll show?
Ohh….Yeah, no. Yeah. Yeah. It was good!

What are you looking forward to most about the British Summer, when it arrives?
When it arrives haha. Well, I think I’m looking most forward to it actually arriving. But I‘m looking forward to festivals a lot.

What ones are you going to?
I’m going to Reading and Bestival.

That’s cool. I went to Reading a few years back, but I’m Glastonbury this year.
Ohhh…I’m so jealous. The line-up is so good.

Yes, Anders will be in our next issue "Lessons" which is due in September, in a very special story shot by Georgie Wileman.

Fionn Creber - Nevs Models

Hey Fionn! How’s it going?
Hello. Very good thanks, how are you?

I’m good. So you did the Peter Pan shoot? How was that?
I did! It was excellent, really fun! Minus the jumping around shirtless in a field wearing pyjama bottoms with no shoes or socks on, trying to avoid horseshit. So I curse you for that Cecilie Harris! Haha Well people I know walked by.

(He loved it, really....and so did his mum. And so will you.)

What people you know? Was this near where you live?
The shoot was near my house, yes.

Goodness, wow. Okay. I assumed it’d be a field where nobody knew you but…
No no, lots of locals walked by having a snigger. You know.

Well there we go, what’s modeling for if you’re not going to humiliate yourself every now and again.
Did I mention me holding a dressing gown like a cape whilst doing it? So you know, I am now the biggest weirdo in my town.

What do you think of our nickname for you?
Peter Pan? Well I resented it at first, but it’s better than being called Jamie Bell, who now I think looks like a crack head at the moment, and I was called that earlier, so I was thinking uhh… it could be worse. At least he’s ginger.

You’ve grown now, so you’re not as… you’re definitely different.
I’m not as youthful!

You’re old! You’re an old man!
(bows his head in shame) I’ll go…

(He still looks youthful. We have image proof.)

Haha. And apart from jumping around fields, what do you like to do in the summer?
I don’t even like to do that! I like to sit down and read books! I’m a thinker, not a do-er.

You’re a thinker.
Philosopher, I say.

Are you reading anything at the moment?
I am currently reading Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. I love it so much.

Did you know that Katie Eary uses Irvine Welsh as inspiration?
Oh does she?

Yeah, all of the books.
You should send this video to her so she’s knows that I like Irvine Welsh.

I will actually! And we are featuring the video in a few days.

Since last showseason and his BBG portrait shoot with Cecilie Harris, we have been in total adore with Fionn. This stunning model is one of the boys we are featuring in our next print issue "Lessons". Reason to be excited as his shoot is super duper special.

Konan Hanbury - Models 1

Hey Konan, how’s it going?

Are you looking forward to the show?
I’ve been looking forward to it all week. I’ve lost sleep over this show.

Matthew Miller is my favourite.
I know, I know. I mean the clothes are cool. Yeah, and good group of boys. Like Nick here, beautiful boy.

Have you seen this collection, is it cool?
Yeah Yeah Yeah! We did a fitting for it and yeah, some nice suity bits.

Who else have you been walking for?
I did the YMC show yesterday.

We’re asking all the guys about summer, so what is the ultimate thing, the greatest thing about summer?
About summer time? It’s not so hot in Rio because it’s winter there when it’s summer here. That’s why I’m going there.

Do you prefer winter?
In Brazil, yeah. It’s still hotter than it is in London, but yeah.

We are super pleased that the lovely Konan with the beautiful hair will be in our next print issue "Lessons" too.

Travis Smith - Supa Models

Hey Travis, we just shot you not long ago, but our viewers don't know it yet! Something to look forward to for them since you were so awesome. How are the collections going for you so far?
Everything is good; I did a show this morning for Kay Kwok. It was cool. A nice leather look.

What else are you up to?
I’m just walking around London, enjoying the weather.

And you’re from Hawaii so you should be able to answer this question really easily. What’s the greatest thing about summer?
The greatest thing about summer…it’s probably going to the beach. Not really in London, but somewhere else.

We have a beach on the Southbank…
I’ve been to some beaches here; they’re actually pretty cool. They’re probably better than the East coast of America. So you guys have got something going on for you, for sure.

Tommy Marr - Next London

How lovely to see you again since our last shoot with you. Who are you about to model for….?
Bobby Abley.

Have you seen what you’re wearing?
Yeah, I’m opening the show with…it’s like a leopard print shorts with a leopard print top and a black jumper over it. And then closing the show with a jumper saying ‘The End’, with like some cool funky shorts.

That’s so awesome!
Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

What do you like the most about summer?
If I relate it with modeling, then when the sun is out and you’re walking around castings, meeting new people and bumping into everyone on the streets.

We last saw Tommy during his shoot with Cecilie Harris for I Love Fake Magazine, where he was captured camping on a bed with Jasper.

Mitchell Jarvis - Select Models

Hi and who are you?
My name’s Mitchell Jarvis, I’m 20 and with Select Models.

Awesome, and who are you going to be modeling for?
Craig Green.

I’m asking all the guys what they like about summer.
Summer…well we ain’t really got summer, it’s raining. But basically when it is summer, it is probably women in less clothing. So, being honest with you…

Honesty is the best!

Jourdan Copeland - Amck Models

Your name, age, and agency?
Jourdan Copeland, 20 and I'm with AMCK Models.

Which show are you doing?
Bobby Abley and Richard Nicoll.

What are you planning for the summer?
Going to Napa.

What is your favourite thing to do during the summer?
Going to the park. Yeah, just going to the park and chilling out.

Martin Ohman - Premier Models

Hey, what's your name and where do you come from?
My name is Martin Ohman, I’m from Sweden, I’m 20 and I’m with Premier Models.

What shows have you been doing so far?
I have Christopher Raeburn coming up, and I think I might have Richard James as well.

Fashion always happens last minute, you’ll probably get a call at like midnight or something.
Yeah, so you don’t know. It’s always last minute.

So we’re asking questions about your ultimate favourite thing about summer.
The sun. Yeah, I love the sun. It makes me so happy.

What’s summer like in Sweden?
It’s nice, it’s warmer than here actually!

Our Editor-in-chief is Norwegian, so she’s a bit in love with everything Scandinavian.
Yeah, but it’s nice. Also a roadtrip during the summer is always nice.

Interviews by Hannah Fickling.
Photos by Ieva Blazeviciute.
Words by Cecilie Harris.
Assistance with important stuff Eleni Louise.

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