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31 May 2013

Good news... Boys By Girls Magazine is now available for print subscription at Magazine Cafe, Pineapple Media's online destination that stocks a large variety of fashion magazines and other exciting titles.

With a subscription you recieve each issue, which at the moment is released annually. It is a heavy 160-page issue on thick, uncoated paper, ready to beautify your coffee table and be a nice collectable in your art-issues collection. This is great news because now we can be a lot more connected with all you BBG lovers out there!

As a young publication we have been receiving so much wonderful support, and are rapidly expanding. We love connecting with people from all over the globe and hearing all the great feedback you have been giving us. It's amazing having response from people from different countries all over the world, connecting over what we are passionate about; beautiful photography, gorgeous boys and stunning fashion. You are all part of what makes this journey very exciting.

If you love our print issue as well as our online content, you can now sign up for a subscription to Boys by Girls Magazine. It's just one click away!

Search for available stockists of our latest Issue 'A Place Called Youth' in your part of the globe here.

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