Boys by Girls On Pinterest

19 September 2012

Pinterest seems to be the latest social media craze, and we're always partial to a bit of a new addiction. Plus we like to be early in on the action. Once you start pinning, we can guarantee it's super addictive.

Your can explore our Pinterest boards for lots of loveliness including work by Boys by Girls photographers as well as other photos we find inspiring. Feel free to suggest new board ideas to us. Any excuse to wander the internet for images of beautiful boys, designer clothes and stunning images.

Check out all of our Pinterest boards here.

Our Editorials board features images from exclusive Boys by Girls editorials, including some from our recent Faces of Summer series. We will keep growing our boards to be bigger and better, and full of all good things.

"The 4th Floor" board features images from the Boys by Girls collectors issue book by Cecilie Harris, with Luke Worrall, Mikhael Ayoub, Matthew Bell, Mikey Colliss, the twins and more!

We love Polaroids and we love boys. What better than a Pinterest board full of Polaroids of beautiful boys? (Answers on the back of a Polaroid please. Ones with cute boys on). This collection is growing nicely.

We won't deny that we've got some odd obsesions. Sleeping boys. Yes. it brings peace to our souls in a much needed way, and calms an otherwise very fast moving world down for at least a little bit This is why we have a "When You Were Sleeping" board.

We hope you enjoy!

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