Blue Sumrie For Issue 8

23 June 2015

How dangerous, how deep, how blue is the ocean? Walking by the seaside with sand runing between your toes, sitting on a pier dangeling your feel and letting the wind make your hair dance in all directions as you take in the subset - this is the setting Elite Models' girl Blue Sumrie is growing up in. Instant jealousy.

In an 8-page feature for our recent Issue 8 "The Trouble With Boys", photographer Jonnie Craig let's hint of blue reveal itself, as he effortlessly captures Blue's translucent English beauty.

The ripples of Brighton are waters that this teenager has become only too familiar with. Oceans currents that have resulted in Blue and her family featured in the newspaper. How? Well the families’ tradition for Christmas involves a little dip in the sea. As we twist the traditional Boys by Girls concept, you get to see Blue's homeground by the seaside unfold hand in hand with the Girls by Boys tradition in the closing pages of issue 8.

For fashion, Kylie Griffiths drapes Blue in classic brands for an authentic and relaxed look; including YMC and youth favourites Converse. Labels that speak so beautifully of the carefree aura that surround the shots captured by Jonnie.

In this below small preview to the print editorial take the breathtaking beauty of Blue; her kindness, wit and personal story. For more beautiful photography and Blue’s full editorial, issue 8 “The Trouble With Boys” is out in shops now and also available to order online.

Blue is the colour of the ocean.

Photography JONNIE CRAIG
Photography Assistant LOLA SWAN
Fashion Assistant TOM RAMSHAW
Model BLUE at Elite London

Words by Rosie Williams.

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