Blossoms For Issue 10

27 May 2016

Creative inspiration reflects from past emotions that lies within. Love, heartbreak, no frills attached; sometimes misery too caught, controlled and shaped into an infectious sound. Music has the power to make all your problems dissipate. It’s time for a sound check. Long filled hours, sore fingers, fixing the distortions, crackles and hums of cables that need replacing. A casual vibe spreads through the atmosphere, as sound waves are transmitted through the air and ear drums begin to vibrate as the beat bounces off your chest. Close your eyes and allow the lyrics to take you to a different place.

Photographer Cecilie Harris chats to five piece indie synth pop band, Blossoms for issue 10. With all five guys born in the same hospital, their issue 10 interview reveals moments from their hometown of Stockport, the brotherly connection to each other and a ‘compliment round’ that gives an insight into their friendship and sense of humour. For anyone wanting to start a band, Blossom's words of wisdom express tough advice on how to do this. We’ll give you a hint: dedication, commitment and don’t force things, let them develop naturally into something uniquely beautiful.

Stylist, Krishan Parmar collects jackets of leather and denim to complete the casual soundcheck set for the wavy haired boys - simple, yet stylish. A monochromatic colour palette blends well into the images, as Cecilie captures the boys in their relaxed state, whilst letting the boy's playful side emerge.

“When you are in love you haven’t got time to sit down and write a song about how happy you are. It is usually when it goes wrong and you’re sat on your own again thinking, “oh, this is shit”, that you want to express your situation.” - Tom

View the full interview and feature with Blossoms in Issue 10, which is available in stores and online now.

Photography Assistant REBECCA JONES-CLARKSON
Special Thanks To SUB89 READING

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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