Billy Moran for APCY

24 January 2013

We previously showed you the beautiful video of M+P model Billy Moran captured by Cecilie Harris and today we let you have a look at the printed editorial featured in our newest issue “A Place Called Youth”. Both a photographic and artistic exploration into the world of male modelling, the editorial is a look at the two parallel worlds that models live in. Through video and digital photography Cecilie investigates the changes that they go through, the stark differences between their fashion lives and their home lives.

A combination of both colour and black and white photography, Cecilie reveals the two sides of Billy. The first a London boy with family values, you’re typical teenage lad. The other, a model constantly changing roles for both commercial and high fashion shoots. These different worlds are shown through the presentation of two pairs of images of Billy side by side: on one side he is bare, free of clothing, presented as himself and nothing else. On the other he is dressed to the nines, the perfect image of fashion.

With styling by Krishan Parmar, Billy is dressed in true editorial fashion, featuring layered textures and fabrics. We love the combinations of chunky winter coats and jackets by designers Jenny Schwarz and Jane Bowler layered over a beautifully classic roll-neck sweater by Baartmans & Siegel, finished off with some super cool shoes by Hemingway For Hush Puppies. A second look includes pastel bright garments from labels Trine Lindegaard, Marry Me – Jimmy Paul and Juju Jellies.

Make sure to see the full 6 page spread in the new issue ‘A Place Called Youth’, which you can find details for stockists here. Alternatively click here to find out about online orders. Meanwhile go check out Cecilie’s video of Billy if you haven’t seen it already.

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