Benjamin Wadsworth for Issue 15

11 November 2019

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg
Stylist Scott Free
Interview Sophia Razvi
Casting Barbara Bersell
Groomer Sophia Porter

Like falling raindrops in the ocean, happiness comes and goes with life’s passing moments. Some make a splash; others barely a ripple as they penetrate surfaces of a sometimes painful reality.

Plunging into issue 15 Glede featuring Deadly Class star Benjamin Wadsworth, you learn that the key to finding joy is to look around you. For the 19-year old actor, "happiness is as easy as waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee in the garden or receiving a smile from my fiancée". In the past two years, Benjamin has been on a whirlwind ride that has seen life-changing moments and career-defining experiences. He has grown into manhood like the predestined role that it was, and, now, nestled away with his fiancée in Laurel Canyon, he is hopeful about the future and embracing life’s challenges.

"It is easy to fall into the pessimistic or nihilistic outlook and give up, but that’s no way of handling things… There is a lot of fear when it comes to things people want to say today but it is going to take a lot of us to just put our feet down and have a conversation... That is really essential right now for us - having hope".

Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg, the lens becomes the window into Benjamin’s journey. Stylist Scott Free dresses the young actor in the hues of joy: yellows, blues and earthy denim. If happiness is a place, it is sand between toes; where Mother Nature soothes the soul and salty sea air ruffles youthful brown curls.

To discover more of Benjamin’s happy place, immerse yourself in the full editorial and interview featured in our brand new Autumn Winter '19 issue Glede. Now available to buy via our online shop and in select stores worldwide.

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