Being 16 For Issue 9

27 November 2015

Being 16, being impulsive, carless, bored and excited all within split seconds of each other. Chewing the end up your pencil, the salty taste of rubber filling your mouth as you watch the clock tick. It must be lunchtime soon.

In Issue 9, "Growing Sideways" French photographer Sophie Ebrard enters the world of the 16 year old boy - capturing the mundane, but at the time life-defining moments, the things that in the moment seem far away and so insignificant, yet so crucial. It is easy to romanticise something that isn't your life any more, when all you really wanted back then was to get the hell out of that town. Distance makes you miss the most dull places.

To escape back to that time in your life just for a few moments, you can grab a copy of Issue 9 and let Sophie's 8-page documentary story remind you all about being 16. Let the story take you back to staring at the ticking fingers of the clock, chewing gum decorated tables and paper marked with the things you've learnt. Rejoice the times where it was simply uncomplicated, and delve head first into the brand new Boys by Girls Autumn Winter issue, which is out in stores now. It is also available to order online.


Words by Liz Ord.

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