Behind The Scenes With Stephen

13 February 2014

On a lovely autumn morning, photographer Cecilie Harris, Stephen Smith (FM Models), stylist Chris Benns and hair/makeup artist Holly Silius headed to the park to shoot a 90's-inspired editorial. With references to Phil Collins songs and the cult film 'Kids', there were a lot of vintage labels, crewneck sweatshirts and of course, denim on denim.

The video below gives you guys a little insight into what we do, showcasing a collection of exclusive outtakes documenting the entire day; from Chris and Holly prepping our model for the day ahead, to a stranger's cute dog joining in on the fun. As with the editorial, Stephen's beauty stands out and even though in most of the video he is caught-off guard, he maintains his 90's-kid coolness. A few things we wish we could have included in the video is the amount of shirts we ironed, a man fishing amongst the trees and the countless cups of tea we drank.

Make sure to check out the final results of the editorial "Another Day In Paradise".

Words and video by Sara Gilmer.

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