Behind The Scenes With Matt

13 December 2013

Today, we have a wonderful treat in store for all of you lovely Boys by Girls readers, and it comes in the form of one of our favourite models of the moment: Matt Ardell at DNA Models. If you keep up to date with our regular musings, you’ll be well aware of our current fondness of this awesomely hilarious New York teen. And if you’ve already got your hands on a copy of Boys by Girls issue 5, “Lessons”, you will have had the opportunity to feast your lucky eyes on our wonderful eight page editorial dedicated to this pixie-faced delight: "From Brooklyn to Manhattan", photographed by our Georgie Wileman. This collection of charmingly nonchalant images, shot on Georgie’s Lomo camera, capture the in-between and behind the scenes moments of the day when Georgie met Matt.

After waiting for each other at different exits of the subway station for half an hour, the pair finally found each other. They spent the day perusing flea markets, looking out over the water front, riding the subway and eating Froyos. This casual and spontaneous series captures some truly beautiful shots of Matt from walking across the Williamsburg bridge (although the pair turned around and took the subway because they decided it was too far) to hanging out in his new university dorm. Matt’s natural beauty transcends through these photographs as he is caught off-guard in most of them, and he remains every inch the coolest kid in town.

"Lessons" is in stores now and you can find out how to get your own copy here.

Words by Ama Samra.

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